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by Nathan Ralph
With more revelations of Russian hacking with the intent to elect Donald Trump and now news of James Comey also putting his thumb on the scale for Trump, our Electoral College must act to protect our democracy.

If ever there were a purpose for the Electoral Process, this is it. I was an Elector in the 2012 election and am very familiar with the responsibilities associated with the position. Those Electors who voters picked to vote for Trump must not cast their votes for him. The fate of liberal democracy is in their hands, they must become “faithless electors” and choose another candidate or the Electoral College should be abolished.

The Case for Faithless Electors

The CIA concluded in September that not only did Russians influence our Presidential elections, but they definitely had a preferred candidate, Donald Trump. These revelations came in a report from the Washington Post on Friday.

According to officials, the CIA briefed our senators in September letting them know it was “quite clear” Russia was responsible for the hacking and that electing Trump was their goal. Some Republican senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, fought to keep the revelations from being released to the public.

The CIA briefing included the fact that Russian hackers also broke into the Republican National Committee’s online assets, but refused to release anything about the GOP. James Comey knew this and did not come forward, though he literally broke protocol and released a falsely damning letter to the public when FBI found a few duplicate emails on Anthony Weiner’s computer related to the Clinton investigation.

This information should have been released to the public so we could make an informed decision for who should be our Commander-In-Chief. Since it was denied them, the Electoral College must act to keep our nation from falling into the control of Vladimir Putin.

The Electoral College

Written in to our constitution as protection against tyranny, the Electoral College must vote another candidate in or they are not fulfilling their duty. In The Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton wrote that the Electoral College was designed to make sure “that the office of President will never fall to the lot of any man who is not in an eminent degree endowed with the requisite qualifications.”

In the document, Hamilton also said the Electoral College is to preserve “the sense of the people,” by choosing a President who would “afford as little opportunity as possible to tumult and disorder.” Donald Trump not only would bring tumult and disorder, tumult and disorder are his only tools.

Trump’s Tyranny

Trump’s tyrannical and authoritarian tendencies are apparent to all who know him or know of him. He has called for revoking the citizenship of anyone who burns a flag and he stifles dissent at every opportunity.

He has used his Twitter account to go after two private citizens, an eighteen-year-old girl and a local union rep. Both of whom received death threats by telephone and online.

Trump uses his Twitter account as a way to direct the most deplorable of his supporters, arguably the most deplorable of Americans, to people who he wants to silence. He tweets about a person, then his online brownshirts start sending the most awful threats imaginable to them. It is a frightening thing that will likely cause violence.

Trump Supporters and Fake News

Trump is our PEOTUS for many reasons, but none perhaps as big as the rampant miasma of fake news created and perpetuated by himself, his campaign and dozens of fake news websites.

Trump regularly spouts falsehoods via his Twitter account, in interviews and in his fascistic rallies. There are literally hundreds of examples of this. The Star documented and published 560 different times Trump lied. When you are President, we don’t call these lies, they are government propaganda.

His supporters blindly believe every piece of pro-Trump fake news they come across as the recent #DumpStarWars nonsense proved. This is dangerous territory, especially as democracies around the world are being threatened.

Dictators like Trump use a barrage of lies to muddy the water, as Trump did during the campaign and continues to do as PEOTUS. The average voter does not have the inclination or skill to sort the facts from fiction, so lies become as valid as truth.

Riding into the White House on lies, fake news, and fake FBI reports while still losing the popular vote is an illegitimate path.  This makes Donald Trump and illegitimate President-Elect and the Electoral College is our only hope to keep him from the White House.

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