Putin and Russian Hackers Blackmailing RNC

Vladimir Putin and the Russian government hacked the Republican National Committee’s data and are using the information within to pressure Trump and Republicans into taking pro-Russian positions. We are entering a nightmarish scenario and should all be very concerned for the future of democracies around the globe.

American intelligence officials met with senators in September and detailed the cyber attacks, concluding Russians interfered in our elections in order to get their desired outcome, a Trump Presidency. Putin got the result he wanted, and he also has dirt on the people in charge of all three branches of the biggest superpower the world has ever seen.

Putin has the Incoming Republican Government by the Short Hairs

The Washington Post broke the story Friday night, detailing the CIA briefing that occurred and how several Republican senators, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, fought to keep the revelations of Russian meddling a secret from the public. Let that sink in. Our Republican Senate Majority Leader FOUGHT to keep large-scale meddling by a foreign government into our democratic process a secret. As if it weren’t relevant information to voters. Not only that, it is treasonous.

Obviously it was politically expedient for McConnell and the GOP to keep their Russian helpers a secret from the public. It was already well-known that Trump, whose wife is Russian, has many dubious ties to Russian oligarchs and government officials.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s one-time campaign manager and full-time Putin ally, is being investigated the FBI for his ties to the Kremlin and some illegal payments he received involving pro-Russian lobbying in Ukraine.

Trump’s apparent pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, is about as pro-Putin as an American can get. Tillerson is the CEO of Exxon Mobil, a company that stands to gain much if Russian sanctions are lifted and the Exxon-Rosneft agreement can proceed. Many are saying if Tillerson gets the position, Putin will have effectively won the Cold War.  Rex has many close business ties with Putin, who awareded the Order of Friendship on Tillerson in 2013. This is one of the highest honors a civilian may receive from the Russian government.

Blackmailing Trump and the RNC

The CIA said with high confidence that the RNC had been victims of Russian hacking, just as the Democrats were. They did not leak the RNC data, partly because Trump is their guy. Trump is remaking the GOP to align with Russia and against our allies on nearly every issue. He has made no secret of this.

The Trump campaign admits it was working with Russian government officials throughout the campaign. It is very likely that Trump and the RNC were working with Russia to keep them from releasing hacked data, much as the Russians did to Hillary Clinton’s campaign. The RNC knows they were hacked and Trump adopted pro-Russian positions to keep them from releasing the dirt found in their internal communications.

Russian Officials Bragging About “Russian Victory” in U.S. Election

The evidence of a Putin-Trump collusion is undeniable. Russian government officials from Putin’s ruling party are now openly bragging that “Russia won” the U.S. election, CBS News reports. There is no ambiguity in these words. The U.S. under Donald Trump is essentially a Russian pawn, here to do the bidding of one man and return Russia to superpower status by lifting sanctions.

Putin is hoping his installation of Trump and the subsequent capitulation of the rest of the GOP will result in the lifting of crippling sanctions imposed on Russia after their invasion of Crimea in 2014. These sanctions were put in place by us and our allies to punish Russia for invading a sovereign nation and killing it’s citizens in order to annex the land and it’s resources.

How We Can Deny Putin the US Presidency

People are taking notice. #RussianHackers, #Russiagate, and #PutinsPuppet have been some of the biggest trending hashtags on Twitter the last few days. People are even calling for “Hamilton Electors” to intercede invoking Alexander Hamilton’s writings in the Federalist Papers. The documents reveal the purpose of the Electoral College to be protection against demagogues and foreign agents. Trump happens to be both.

The Electors will vote on December 19th. After that, there are the tools of impeachment, which are seemingly inevitable with a Trump presidency, and the use of tactics meant to block or slow the activities of a party now almost wholly under the control of a foreign government.

Not all Republicans are staying silent on the Russian hacking and election meddling. Senator John McCain with many others have released a statement calling for an investigation. If an investigation is warranted, either a new popular vote should follow the results, or, at very least, the Electors should not cast their votes until the results are found and shared with the public.

Before the electors vote, contact them. Call your senators and representatives and demand an investigation and keep the pressure on them. We cannot let Vladimir Putin take control of the world by way of a hijacked democracy.


2 thoughts on “Is Putin Blackmailing Trump & RNC to Take Pro-Russian Stance?

  1. Hillary won this election not trump. Demand a recount from all states manual recount. Votes were hacked by trump allies and russia. Trymp is not close to being president material, neither is pence nor anyone trymp has chosen!!!

    1. I agree, Jane. I am writing another piece detailing how Trump collaborated with Putin and Russian hackers you should check out. Should be done later this evening. Thanks for the post!

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