Dump Star Wars Rogue One

You may have noticed the #DumpStarWars hashtag trending on Twitter with the full support of the neo-Nazi trolls. Ironic, eh? The people who want to ban an entire religion, torture people, and call you triggered for saying those things are wrong, are suddenly triggered by a movie and calling for a boycott.

That’s right, the people yelling that they aren’t going to be politically correct are constantly boycotting companies who aren’t adhering to their strict version of correct speech. The people who claim to love freedom are now banning everyone who exercises it. The people who claim to not be Nazis are boycotting a film because it is anti-Nazi.

Is that really the reason Trump supporters are calling to #DumpStarWars? Surely there is a better reason…

There isn’t. The neo-Nazis biggest complaint is that the writers have commented on the obvious subtext of not just the new film, “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” but the entire series. Writer Chris Weitz tweeted: “Please note that the Empire is a white supremacist (human) organization.” Soon after, the other writer Gary Whitta then responded: “Opposed by a multi-cultural group led by brave women.”

Previously, these same neo-Nazi snowflakes had a meltdown over the casting of “The Force Awakens.” The film, which debuted in 2015, features a black man, John Boyega, and a female, Daisy Ridley, in lead roles. This is what one “alt-right” (read Nazi) blogger had to say about that:

Nazis Dump Star Wars Rogue One
I will not link to Nazi propaganda sites so here is a screenshot.

“Rogue One” actress Felicity Jones is also cast in the lead role and Trump supporters are upset about it, oddly, even the women. Wrap your mind around that.

The Star War Series is About Fighting Space Nazis

It is incredibly revealing that these folks are just now realizing that Star Wars is entirely about rebel forces defeating legions of uniform-obsessed space fascists. This is not subtext. This IS the major theme of the movie.

George Lucas, his production staff, and StarWars.com have stated that the movies’ themes, plots, designs, and even terms used in “Star Wars” were inspired by Hitler and Nazi Germany. This is no secret. Why are they just now getting upset? And why are they getting upset that the films are anti-Nazi? Aren’t all decent people anti-frigging-Nazi?!

Are Alt-Right Members Really Nazis?

Short answer: yes.

Am I taking editorial liberties when I call members of the alt-right “Nazis?” Not in the slightest, many major news publications, including the Associated Press are. The AP changed their editorial standards to no longer refer to the group without the proper neo-Nazi context. This is real.

So, go to “Rogue One.” Go six times and bring a friend. You can thank anti-intellectualism that you won’t be sitting next to any Nazis.

4 thoughts on “Why the Nazis Want to #DumpStarWars

  1. Excellent summary of supremacist quibbles. Never ceases to amaze that some folks go rabid over a coffee cup, a theoretical holiday greeting, or comments by a film writer who is hardly a household name. If only they cared as much about workplace safety, child care, or almost anything of importance IRL! Thanks for the good post!

  2. I find a really interesting discussion can be had with American Neo Nazi’s if you ask them are they National Socialists. The mere mention of Socialism sends them into a dive of despair and they lose it about ten fold faster than usual. They also seem to have no understanding of Fascism as a system of government so it can also be fun to ask if they would nationalise Transport, Power and water utilities. You usually get the answer ” I aint no commie” I remember when Star Wars the first film came out. It was the summer after sitting in the middle of a park with some friends enjoying some Newcastle Brown ale and some home cultivated herbs and discussing the very nature of Fascism in the future as evident in the hegemony of the Empire in Star Wars. Now here we are with some proto fascists whining about how all the heroes are not straight able bodied white men. If this lot met a real fascist they would defecate in their drawers and cry for their mothers

    1. Thanks for the comment, Caroline! They do seem to have problems identifying fascism. I have shown dictionary definitions to them, to no avail. Trump is certainly some type of protofascist. I find it interesting that his supporters will claim to be opposed to fascism, buy are completely enthralled by him and his tactics. Up is down, left is right. Keep up the good fight!

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