Sustainability is an issue very close to our hearts, so we created this site to help spread the word on all aspects of sustainability. There are many different ways to approach sustainability and green living. We hope to highlight different projects, products and concepts to give people ample ways to fit their lifestyles.

Schools of Thought in Sustainability

There are different schools of sustainability. Those who believe in “hard” sustainability believe that we must use only natural solutions which have been proven safe over millions of years on this planet. All processes and materials must be natural in order to be considered.

“Soft” sustainability is a term used to describe the belief that technology can replace nature and natural processes. For instance instead of trees to create oxygen, people from this school of thought might believe machines could supplant trees and forests by providing some of the ecosystem services.

Most people who study or are interested in sustainability fall somewhere in between these two schools. It is hard for most to see a world with no unnatural technology or one with no nature. We live in a world that has both, also.

Eekolab’s Take on Sustainability

We, the editorial “we,” also view that the answer for Earth lies somewhere in between hard and soft sustainability. It would be difficult, if not impossible, to remove the tech we already have without creating some societal and environmental problems. But, many of our problems arise from the technologies we use every day. How do you decide which materials or processes to use?

Basing our technologies and concepts on nature is one of the best solutions. Technology can benefit from nature’s 4 billion years of research and development. We can take what we know about nature and natural processes and apply them to our processes and technologies.

This site will be about finding that line and sharing concepts and materials that we can use to make our lives better while not causing undue harm to the planet or its inhabitants. Please let us know of any sustainable organizations, companies, concepts or products you come across.

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